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               Funzi - Tour

From the hotel along the Mombasa / Darsalaam highway (60 km from Mombasa / 30km from Diani) we reach at Bodo Village. 


From there we reach Great Funzi Island in around 15 minutes. Dependent on tides, you might just start the tour by cruising to the River Ramisi, home of numerous crocodiles and colourful sea birds cruising through different mangrove species found along the river bank.


The Funzi Sand Bank


Totally submerged during high tides and an exceptionally beautiful beach by low tides, the Funzi Sand Bank offers a unique and ultimate spot for swimmers. For non swimmers, there is an opportunity to bath in the sun while enjoying while enjoying the panoramic view of Funzi Island from a convenient spot.


Funzi Village Tour


Take this opportunity and a rare chance to explore a truly rich Swahili Culture and tradition. From your guide you will be able to learn the history of Funzi Island from the time the indigenous people settled there way back 2000 years ago and more about the natives- the Washirazi a.k.a. Wachifundi. On the island the local women will show you how to make mats, caps and traditional fans in their own style. 


If you wish you may also visit the famous Funzi shrine otherwise known as the medicine man s place to observe traditional worshiping practices. Visit also the oldest and historical baobab tree on the Island estimated to be 800 years old. 


Later we will have a Swahili Lunch in an open air restaurant facing the sea. Seafood and drinks served while enjoying a refreshing seabreeze.


After a brief rest we reach mainland in the later afternoon for our trip back.



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