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Tsavo - East and West

Tsavo East


Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest, most famous and largest parks in Kenya. Its area is 13 747 square kilometres. The park was opened in 1948. About two-thirds of the park is not accessible to visitors.

The park can be entered through three entrances. Via Voi through Manyani Gate, through Mombasa through Buchuma Gate and from Malindi through Sala Gate. Inside the park flow 3 rivers, the Athi and Tsavo, which together form the Galana River. The largest part of the park consists of savannah. It is known for its biodiversity and the red soil. It has his popularity mainly because of the large number of diverse wildlife you can see. It is quite famous for its red elephants, but also lions, buffaloes, cheetahs, leopards, zebras, giraffes and other wildlife. Many species of birds are also found here.

The Galana River and the Lugard Falls are always worth a visit. There you will find the crocodile viewpoint, as well as hippos.


Tsavo West


The Tsavo West has its very special fauna and flora with an area of ​​9,065 square kilometres. The savannah consists of open grassland, scrubland and acacia forests, as well as rock crests. Wild animals include elephants, hippos, lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffaloes, and various plant and bird species. In the park there is a so-called "Rhino sanctuary", a fenced protection area for the last black rhinos.


Known by film and literature:

The Tsavo Man-Eaters where 2 man-eating lions responsible for the death of construction workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway from March to December 1898. In March 1898, the British began building a railway bridge across the Tsavo River in Kenya. The project was led by Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson. Within the 9-month construction period, two mane-less male lions moved through the camp of Indian workers. At night, they raided the tents. The exact number of people killed by the lions is unclear, but Patterson claims there are 135 casualties. Today, however, one starts from about 35 victims.


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